Experimental equipment

  • High-speed cameras: Photron Fastcam SA-Z (1024 x 1024 píxeles a 20000 fps, máx. 2,1M fps), Photron Fastcam APX-RS (1024 x 1024 píxeles a 3000 fps, máx. 250k fps), Photron Fastcam SA 1.1 (1024 x 1024 píxeles a 5400 fps, máx. 600k fps) Photron Mini AX200 (1024 x 1024 píxeles a 6000 fps), 2 x Kron Technologies Chronos 2.1 (1920×1080 píxeles a 1000 fps.)
  • Continuous diode-pumped solid-state lasers: Coherent Verdi V6 6W 532nm, 2 x Quantum Gem 1.5W 532nm.
  • Pulsed lasers for PIV: Litron Nano PIV of 200mJ per pulse at 15 Hz, Litron LPY704 of 100 mJ at 100Hz.
  • TSI's 2-component laser doppler velocimetry (LDV) system. It can be used with one of three laser options: 6W argon/krypton laser (Stabilite2017, Spectra-Physics), 5W argon/krypton laser (Innova 70-C, Coherent) and 300 mW argon ion laser (Series 543, Melles Griot). We also have a single-component mini-LDV (model G5-240, MSE).
  • High resolution cameras: 2x 25 Mpix CMOS cameras model Lavision Imager MX 25M of 5120 x 5120 pixels at 84 fps, 1x POWERVIEW TM Plus 4MP camera model 630059 at 16 Hz, 1x PCO edge 5.5 camera of 2560 x 2160 pixel at 100Hz. There are also two professional Nikon cameras.
  • TSI PIV 2D-2C set: In addition to the lasers and cameras already mentioned, we have a synchroniser, software (Insight), frame grabber, lenses, filters, calibration plate and lenses of different focal lengths. We also have tracer particles of different sizes and an oil droplet generator for measurements in air.
  • Lavision PIV 2D-3C (Stereo PIV) set: In addition to the aforementioned lasers and cameras, we have a PTU X synchroniser, software (Davis 10), frame grabber, lenses, filters, Scheimpflug mounts, a workstation for acquisition and processing, a 3D calibration plate and lenses of different focal lengths. It also has a processing licence using the innovative Shake-The-Box technique.
  • Hot wire anemometer TSI: Model IFA-300, equipped with all types of supports and probes for thermal anemometry measurements in both water and air. It also has a probe calibrator and the necessary software for its use.
  • Lighting sources: in addition to lasers, we have high intensity spotlights, high intensity and uniform LED panels, high power LED panel (MultiLed G8). There is also a KL 1500 cold light.
  • Load cells: for force characterisation on models in wind tunnels and hydrodynamic channels. 1x AMTI MC3A-100lb, 1x AMTI MC36-250lb, 2x SRI M3703A (50N, 2Nm). All cells are equipped with signal conditioner and data acquisition software.
  • Multichannel pressure scanners, pressure sensors: Scanivalve 3217 10" 16-channel multiplexer, 2x 64-channel Scanivalve MPS4264 multiplexer for wind tunnel measurements. GE Druck UNIK 5000 water pressure sensors.
  • Optical equipment: In the laboratories, we have all kinds of precision optical equipment such as active and passive anti-vibration tables as well as linear positioners, elevation platforms, rotation systems, 3-axis traverse sets, both manual and automatic. We also have numerous lenses, mirrors, camera tripods, precision ball heads and, in general, material for precision photography.
  • Tensiometer: K20-KRUSS tensiometer for temperature-controlled surface tension measurement for liquid characterisation.
  • Syringe pumps, vivitro pump, compuflow: in order to control the feeding conditions of various experimental facilities, we have two PHD Ultra programmable syringe pumps, a Vivitro SuperPUMP AR pulsed flow pump (biomedical type) and two CompuFlow 1000 biomedical flow simulator pumps.
  • Laser sensors and accelerometers: set of precision laser sensors for both point and profile distance measurement. Tension and intensity sensors for different ranges. Set of accelerometers.
  • There are also Aalborg digital flowmeters for mass and volumetric flow measurement, TESTO digital precision manometers, a set of portable hot wires for anemometry type Airflow TA43-TSI and type PCE, 5 Pitot tubes of different sizes, including one for yaw angle calculation. Finally, there are several Aalborg precision valves for precise flow control.
  • Rheometer: a Discovery Hybrid Rheometer (DHR-2) is available for rheological measurements and characteristics of non-Newtonian fluids.
  • We have acquisition and synchronisation systems for analogue and digital signals of different types, electronic power supplies: UPS or rectified direct current, oscilloscopes, as well as acquisition cards and hubs from National Instruments.
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