Proof of concept

The group has experience in initiatives focused on the transfer of knowledge and research results, such as Proof of Concept projects. Specifically, a project has been developed in collaboration with Liderkit S.L. with the objective of developing actions aimed at increasing the value and transfer potential of optimal drag reduction systems implemented in the base of heavy vehicles, through a mixed approach of stability methodologies, topological sensitivity and optimisation, and fluid-structure interaction. The actions carried out during this project include:

  • Wind tunnel tests on an industrial scale (IISTA). Characterisation of the effect of rotating blades and redirection of detached flow (passive blowing).
  • Road tests and optimised and mobile slat circuit.
  • Study of the use of energy from vehicle vibrations.
  • Patenting
  • Attendance at fairs or exhibitions
  • Actions to increase the valorisation of results: design of a transfer, communication and commercialisation strategy.
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