Previous experience

The high degree of application of some of our lines of research, as well as the willingness to carry out transfer activities, has resulted in several research contracts with companies:

  • Ventilation study in shared office spaces (PeqPeq Espacios Saludables).
  • Development of aerodynamic improvement and energy capture systems through fluid-structure interaction for heavy vehicle bodies (Liderkit S.L.).
  • Characterisation of Ventilation Systems, LEDS and thermoplastic radiators for the optimisation of thermal simulations of vehicle floodlights (Valeo Lighting Systems).
  • Study of the wind exploitation of air currents generated in tunnels and other transport infrastructures (Eiffage Infraestructuras)
  • Characterisation and optimisation of the non-Newtonian working fluid and the atomisation production system of the company (Plásticos Hidrosolubles S.L.).
  • Advice on the adaptation of the climatic gallery (Cold Tunnel) of the CETEMET Metalmechanical Technology Centre with the aim of achieving accreditation as an official ATP (International Agreement on the Carriage of Perishable Goods) testing station.
  • Automation of a DHW saving system in single-family houses.
  • Numerical and experimental characterisation of vehicle air conditioning diffusers.
  • Development of a system for saving domestic hot water in single-family homes.
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